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What's New

What's new?  Some new pictures of the 1098R  See pics on classifieds page.




Where does "Racerboy" come from?

A question I often get is why does an an old geezer like me go by the name of "racerboy"?  I started using that as a  username for my email back when email first became widely available in the early 1990s.  In fact, I have had the same email address (racerboy@att.net) since 1994.  I took the name from a Cycle World article.  I don't remember what bike they were testing (may have been a Honda VFR750) but they were talking about the great performance and handling of the bike and said you could have all of the benefits of a sportbike without the "racerboy graphics".  So that's where the moniker came from. 

The "racer" part was applicable as I was just getting out of one form of racing (drag racing) and was about to start road racing motorcycles.  I no longer roadrace, but I recently joined the Reduc motorcycle club to take advantage of the great deals they offer on Track Days at Pocono Raceway.

The "boy" part wasn't even applicable then (I was probably 25 when I read the Cycle World article, hardly a boy).

Anyway, that's where the name came from.

Information of no particular interest

bulletAttorney at Law in NJ (www.ftblaw.net)
bulletWork in Pharmaceutical industry (20 years)
bullet#1 Springsteen fan.  Everyone says that, but how many have one of these?
bulletLifelong love of reptiles
bulletPontiac enthusiast
bulletPorsche enthusiast (relatively new to the P-car scene)
bulletMotorcycle enthusiast
bulletWeb designer (I kid myself, I'm really just a hack)
bulletJust started playing guitar in 2008 (injuries have sidelined this for now)


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