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What's New

What's new?  Some new pictures of the 1098R  See pics on classifieds page.




I was originally going to call this my "cars" page, but it really is more appropriately named "Pontiacs".  I have been a die-hard Pontiac fan ever since I was 16 and my buddy Yoda convinced me that a '66 GTO was better than Forch's '66 Chevelle.  And so it began...

I currently own the following Pontiacs:

1967 GTO - 400 HO, 4-spd, 3.55 posi. 

Car currently has a '69 428 in it. The original HO engine is tucked away.

1970 Judge - RA III, 4-spd, 3.55 posi. 
This car was already restored when I bought it off of eBay in 2004.  Here is what it looked like then:


I wanted to make some corrections and one thing led to another and...well, the pictures tell the story...

I've also previously owned:

bullet1965 GTO.  400, tripower, 4-spd, 3.23 open rear
bullet1970 Trans Am - RA III, 4-spd, 3.55 posi. 

Pontiac Resources

bullet Performance Years
bullet Ames Performance Engineering
bullet 1970 GTO Wiring Diagram



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