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What's New

What's new?  Some new pictures of the 1098R  See pics on classifieds page.




I am a realtively new P-car enthusiast.  I always admired the 911 (esp. a 993 Turbo), but they were outside my price range.  In 2006, Porsche offered a new model, the Cayman.  I test drove one, and was hooked right away!  I leased one in 2006 (Arctic Silver), sold that lease in 2008 to buy my Ducati 1098R, then bought another Artic Silver CPO car in Jan 2008, kept that for about 4 months, and then bought my Oriole Orange (not actual name of the paint, but I like it) Cayman S Sport.

2008 Cayman S Sport

06-Sep-09 Added Boothe Designs spacers and chrome wheel bolts.

25-Jun-09 Picked up from Don Rosen Imports

ALMS Race at Lime Rock (07/10/09)

The first 50 Porsches (and Corvettes) that arrived at the track got to do a parade lap between the races.  I was number 16.  They let the Corvettes out first and unfortunately, one of them overheated which meant the Porsches were forced to basically sit on the track, or limp along at 10 MPH.

For more info in the Cayman or other Porsches, check out www.planetporsche.com



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