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What's New

What's new?  Some new pictures of the 1098R  See pics on classifieds page.



1970 GTO Judge

This 'restoration' started out with needing to remove the heads to have new valve seals installed, but snowballed from there.  Even thought the car was restored when I purchased it, I wanted to bring the car back closer to original, so in September 2007, I pulled the front clip, engine, trans, and entire interior.


30-Jan-10  Basically complete.  Need to find a correct fan spacer.  Have the correct fan, just wasn't painted in time to finish up assembly.  Hoping to get her fired next Saturday (06-Feb-10).

16-Jan-10  Installed oil pan, fuel pump, carburetor.  Torqued the rocker arm nuts down.  Just need to get the distributor in, along with the exhaust, and she should be ready to fire!

08-Jan-10  Installed the two-piece dipstick tube and windage tray.  Since the upper dipstick tube gets installed from underneath, it is easier to do before you install the #3 main cap, at least on a four-bolt main block.  Also installed the oil pump and driveshaft,  timing cover, balancer, water pump, and intake.


Engine removal (Sep. 2007)

Engine reassembly (Dec. 2009)

Engine details:
- Balanced, .040 over.
- Keith Black Forged pistons with a dish
- Tomahawk forged H-beam rods
- Crower 60242 cam
- Machine work by LRB Performance

- Assembly by Stage 1 Automotive

Engine compartment/Frame






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bullet 70 GTO wiring Diagram


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